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Candidate dissection - Bill Richardson

In honor of yet another Presidential debate that nobody will watch, I thought I'd put out a suggestion for the community. We could each explain why we're supporting a particular candidate and then mock each other incessantly for having poor judgment. I'll go first!

I'm supporting Bill Richardson for the Democratic nomination. He strikes me as a non-insider in the DC circus, yet he has a very impressive political resume. A lot of people are talking about the merits of experience and the impetus for change, and I think Richardson would provide a healthy balance of both at a time when America could use a capable leader who will make tough decisions.

Richardson is currently a very popular Democratic governor in the traditionally Republican state of New Mexico. He can use this credibility to help unify the fractured electorate and his record as governor shows he can work with members from both major parties to find practical solutions to big problems.

He recently received his fifth nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work towards negotiating a cease-fire in Darfur and for working with North Korea to reclaim the remains of American soldiers who died in the Korean War. His Diplomatic efforts in the last few decades have included talks with Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. Richardson is not afraid to meet with world leaders face-to-face to discuss problems and push for positive results. He is also well-respected abroad for his willingness to engage our enemies in constructive discussions.
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