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a simple solution

I did my usual round of news blogs and websites this morning and noticed an awful lot of articles and posts about dangerous toys from China. Yes, I am aware that it's been on the news quite a bit lately. The existence (and persistance) of the stories is not my point. You see, this is yet another example of how people are stupid. Toys from China cost a lot less than toys made in America. Why? Because China has no minimum/fair wage laws. China has no workers' protection laws. China doesn't have safety laws regarding exportable goods. We all know this and yet we continue to buy junk from China because it's cheaper. And then we're all surpised and outraged when the poorly made toys fall apart or when the cheap components turn out to be hazardous. Well duh.

But I have a simple solution for the conundrum this situation seems to have created. Don't buy crap from China. Buy books this Holiday Season. They make excellent gifts for people of all ages, races, orientations, religions, and any other demographic I missed. You know why? Because there are millions of books in dozens of categories. There are books on cooking and books about famous people. Some books tell amazing fantasy stories in 8 volumes and some are 100 page novellas. They make books for children and some for adults. And books are amazing because they actually make you smarter. Studies have shown on numerous occasions that people who read for fun are more successful, better at communicating verbally and in writing, and have longer attention spans than those who don't read. The difference depends in small part on the content of your reading material - readers of US Weekly are only marginally ahead of non-readers, while those who zip through long novels tend to be even farther ahead.

Anyway, the point is simple. Don't buy junk that makes you dumber or puts your kids in danger. Buy books. They rock. And paperbacks are only $7-$10 which is a lot less than your average Dora the Explorer playset. So yeah, save money and don't poison your kids and help the American economy and make you and your family and your friends smarter. There's no downside!
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